Crescent Rock Series (YA)

How to Live and Die in Crescent Rock_booksHow to Live and Die in Crescent Rock (#1 Crescent Rock Series)

Quinn McPherson has a price on her head. Why? That’s any-one’s guess. She’s not the president, who’s bound to have a few enemies. She’s not a terrorist, who actually is the enemy. She is not even the last remaining person standing in someone else’s way to a large inheritance. Come to think of it, she is no one of real importance.

However, in her small town home Quinn is the ruling high school queen. But can her bitching and bossing around – which honestly just come with the title – really be the reason someone has gone to the great length of hiring assassins to off her? Hardly.

And to top things off, most of Quinn’s assassins are not even of the usual kind. They are supernaturals – which to be honest is just plain cheating, considering that Quinn is just a measly human.

Fortunately for her however, Quinn’s own ranks don’t remain empty. A helping hand soon rushes to her side in the form of Arnaud, a handsome while unfortunately highly irritating and completely insufferable vampire, along with his friend, Tate, himself a werewolf, who from the moment of his arrival in town is constantly caught in the middle between the two hot-heads.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there are secrets in Arnaud’s past that coincidentally choose that very moment to return and torment him. As though an obnoxious high school cheerleader wasn’t enough to deal with.

But the question remains: Who is plotting dear Miss High School’s early demise? And more importantly, why?

How to Live and Die in Crescent Rock (Crescent Rock #1)