Dragonflies – A Tale of Courage and Respect

Dragonflies (#3 Heroes Next Door Trilogy)(#3 Heroes Next Door Trilogy)

She stands up for her brother.
But will she stand up for herself?
And will anyone stand with her?

In the new year, Gabriel is faced with a difficult decision: go home to New York and live with his parents or stay in Kenton Woods with his friends.
However, Gabriel is not the only one confronted by a problem at Kenton Woods Middle School.

After taking the fall for Eddie for destroying Principal Hall’s precious rose bushes, Jack is suspended from the football team. Plagued by guilt, Eddie decides to try out for the team in order to make sure that Jack’s spot is not filled by another player permanently.

When the friends find out, they decide to follow Eddie’s plan, and ultimately, Jack’s sister Jordan is chosen as his replacement.

However, that’s when new trouble begins. For not everyone in Kenton Woods likes to see a girl on the football team.

Will Jordan, who has never backed down from a challenge, triumph once more? Or is this too much even for her to handle? Will she accept help from her friends or choose to stand alone?
And what will Gabriel decide?




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