1. Will there be a book about Adelaide, Beth's half-sister from book six?

Yes, Adelaide's story will be told in book ten.

  1. Where can I find the first four novellas?

At the moment, the first four novellas are only available through Amazon as they are currently in Kindle Unlimited. However, that will change with the new year, at which point all novellas will be available at all retailers.

  1. Do you have to read the Love's Second Chance Series in order?

Well, you don't have to have to, but I strongly recommend that you do. Some of the heroines and heroes of later novels were once supporting characters in earlier ones and vice versa. In addition, some novels build on what happened in earlier novels. I hope this is not too confusing, but I don't want to give anything away and ruin a book for one of you out there.

  1. Do any of the characters in the Love's Second Chance Series appear in later books?

Yes, definitely. As noted under question 3, many characters appear in a number of novels.

  1. Which book continues Tristan's story in Abandoned & Protected (book 4)?

In the end of book 4, Henrietta and Connor come to their own personal relathionshipy happily-ever-after. However, Henrietta's story is strongly connected to her brother's, Tristan. His story continues in Betrayed & Blessed (book 6).

  1. Will there be books about Oliver, Madeline and Victoria?

Yes, definitely. Madeline's story will be told in Deceived & Honoured (book 7). Then Oliver will be next in book 8 while Victoria will have to wait for her turn a little longer.

  1. How many books will there be in the Love's Second Chance Series?

Well, at the moment, I have specific plans for ten. However, I already have more vague ideas, which I still need to work on in more detail, for another five.

Here a short overview of what I know so far:

#7 Madeline & Derek

#8 Oliver & (Unfortunately, the lady does not have a name yet. More on that later!)

#9 Richard & Evelyn (do you remember them?)

#10 Adelaide & Matthew

The next five will probably feature Moira (book 4), Claudia (book 5), Victoria (book 5), Adelaide's brother John (book 6) as well as the as-of-yet unknown stepsister of Oliver's match (book 8).


Anything else you would like to know? Feel free to ask!

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