Help me name Anna and Edmond’s daughter!

Naming their baby is one of the greatest joys for new parents. As a writer, I often feel like a parent to the many characters I create, and it feels truly wonderful when people you've guided to their happily-ever-after end up becoming parents themselves.

Forgotten & Remembered - The Duke's Late Wife (#1 Love's Second Chance Series)


When Rosabel and Graham become parents at the end of Forgotten & Remembered, many readers wrote in, suggesting wonderful names for their little bundle of joy. Ultimately, we named him Christopher John (I suppose CJ would be a bit forward for the Regency era, wouldn't it?).



Despised & Desired - The Marquess' Passionate Wife (#3 Love's Second Chance Series)


In honor of the lost lives of Leopold and Kenneth in Despised & Desired, Ellie and Frederick chose those very names for their firstborn son, calling him Leo for short.



Although we have barely met those two little boys (do you remember Christopher's short appearance in Despised & Desired?), they have come to feel even more real once they've received their names.

Then what about Anna's daughter?

Cursed & Cherished - The Duke's Wilful Wife (#2 Love's Second Chance Series)


Anna and Edmond have a little girl at the end of Cursed & Cherished. A little girl I haven't yet chosen a name for, but she deserves one. Especially since she'll have a short appearance in the sixth novel of the series, Betrayed & Blessed, Tristan's long-awaited story.




So, please help me name her! What suggestions do you have? Comment below, and be creative!

As a reminder, her parents are

Edmond & Anna Dunsworth, Duke & Duchess of Cromwell.

And their daughter is

Lady [first name], [middle name]

Please fill in the blanks.

(Although the middle name is rarely used in a story, it still completes the picture. So feel free to add one in your suggestions.)



This ought to be fun. I cannot wait to read your suggestions. Although naming a child is truly wonderful, coming up with wonderful names is sometimes quite difficult.

As a little thank-you for your help, the reader whose name will ultimately be chosen for Anna and Edmond's little bundle of joy will have book six, Betrayed & Blessed - The Viscount's Shrewd Wife, dedicated to her or him.

So, please help me out! What are your ideas?

Oh, yes, here are the rules:

  1. Anyone can participate.
  2. This contest will be open until July 4, 2017.
  3. If a name is suggested more than once, the reader who suggested the name first will receive the dedication.

Good luck to you!


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Update: July 24, 2017

In all honesty, I've never had a better idea than holding this little contest. The enormous response I received from all my wonderful readers was truly overwhelming. Thank you all for being so dedicated! You make this journey a truly exhilarating one! I will most definitely consult you when the next naming dilemma arises...and I'm certain it will.

To make a long story short (which is not easy for me because I tend to prattle on), the name my team and me finally chose was


Etta Grace


suggested by


Anna Jimenez.


We loved it right away as well as her reasons for suggesting it. Read for yourselves:


How about Lady Etta Grace? Why? Because Anna was thinking of her friend Henrietta after she had the baby and because she doesn’t go along with conventional ways and is in fact overseeing the booking for the estate. It just fits as “Etta” actually means “estate manager”, which is a strong name for a daughter of a warrior princess,  and “Grace” because the name Anna means full of grace or gracious one.


When I close my eyes, I can see the little red-headed girl running through the fields, her dress torn and her knees scraped as she seeks out adventure. And while her parents might lecture her on proper behavior - forgetting that they themselves have often acted only according to their own whims and fancies - she manages to wrap them around her little finger with her natural charm, far from intimidated to bend - or rather ignore - the rules yet again and follow the call of adventure once more.

Stay tuned, and maybe down the line, we shall see her again, all grown up and seeking out the greatest adventure of them all: love.





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  1. My daughter has two names picked out for a daughter, if she ever has one. I asked permission and she said I could suggest Lucinda Nicole. If you choose Lucinda Nicole, would you mind dedicating book six to my daughter? Her name is Kayla Marie Clatterbuck. I love your books and their covers, by the way.

  2. I think that Edmond and Anna´s daughter should be called:
    Lady Zaira Elizabeth Dunsworth

    ( Zaira is the irish form of Sara and the name Zaira stands for “Princess” )

  3. Hi, Bree! 🙂

    I would say something like Lady Kathy/Cathy (short for Catherine) Margaret Dunsworth (or the reverse with Maggie/Margie (short for Margaret) Catherine Dunsworth 🙂

    It sounds appropriate for the time period and I like the way the two diminutives, that would be used by her friends and family, sounds! That’s cute ! 😀

    Have a nice day!

  4. I think the most beautiful name for that time period, or any time period, is Elizabeth Anne. Their are two famous Queen Elizabeth’s, also Queen Anne, many Princess Anne, also Princess Elizabeth. I am very disappointed that the Duke and Duchess named their beautiful daughter Charlotte. I think about Princess Charlotte who died in childbirth. That’s my suggestion. Lady Anne Elizabeth, A for her Mother Anna, and Elizabeth for Edmond, therefore, she has their initials. Have pre ordered the book!

  5. Hi Bree,
    I have read three of the books above, and really enjoyed them. I cant wait for “Betrayed and Blessed”. Two names that I like are Georgeanna and my daughters name SallyAnne. I have 10 of your books so far.

  6. I think that this names that i love can be: Charlotte, Anne, Gillian or Victoria. I think that Charlotte Anne sounds good. I hope that you like.

  7. How about Lady Etta Grace- why because Anna though she was close to her mother and loved her sister she was thinking of her friend Henrietta after she had the baby and because she doesn’t go along with conventional ways and is in fact overseeing the booking for the estate it just fits as “Etta”actually means “estate manager” which is a strong name for a daughter of a warrior princess;) and “Grace”because the name Anna means full of grace or gracious one…

  8. Louisa Marie is pretty

    Aneeda Elaine Aneeda would be a blend of the parents names and Elaine is
    just a guess for a middle name.

  9. Lady Felicia Irene

    I like the sound of this name and the way flows (at least when I say it). Also, it gives her an identity all her own, separate from her parents, letting her be herself as she grows, and not an extension of her parents.

  10. Emma Alexus.

    On June 8th my dear friend Emma passed away after a 2 year battle with colon cancer. She was only 32. I think Lady Emma would be a wonderful name for the daughter a duke and duchess.

  11. Girls;Maeann Elise {My daughter}  and Rose Elizabeth.   Boys: Joseph Henry  
    or maybe Henry Lawrence.

  12. I think that Salina Marie sounds like it would be an upper class “Ton” name!
    Although, I’m a little biased.
    It also happens to be MY daughter’s name!

  13. Edanna Grace

    I am very traditional when choosing names, as I believe the next generation carries the love of their family into the years. My own daughter, Elizabeth Clare, is named for her grandmothers (my mom was Betty, a shortened form of Elizabeth, and my husband’s mom was Clare-Marie).

    “Edanna” is an unusual name, but obviously honoring her parents. (Pronounced long “E” and short “a.”) “Grace” as a nod to her heritage (daughter of a duke and duchess).

    I love very formal names, but a child should also be able to have a fun nickname for the family. My Elizabeth is known as Beth. Of course, Edanna can have a nickname, depending on her own personality. Edie (long “E”) or Eddie (short “E”). Or Dani, or Dana….

    What a fun contest!

  14. I would like to suggest the name Lady Candace Marie. This name sounds royal to me and holds a place in my heart. My neice was named this. A nick name could be Candy. This is a fun contest. Thanks for the idea.

  15. Alexandria Elizabeth is a beautiful name and uses the first initials of her parent’s names. It is also my daughter’s name.

  16. I would like to choose Elizabeth Lenore. Elizabeth because it’s traditional and royal! It also has lovely diminutives. (It also happens to be a family name and my middle one. I have chosen Lenore because it’s not traditional, more individual, which wouls suit the parents choosing. It also has a lovely sound and rhymes with ‘adore’ – as her parents would adore her.

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