Remember Me: A Suspenseful Contemporary Romance

Remember Me (#1 Where There's Love Series)


Can we ever forget someone we love?

She does not remember who he is.
And yet, her heart recognizes him.

By all means, Jena leads an average, ordinary life.

Working as a waitress, she shares an apartment with Abby, her best friend from college, dreams of being a columnist and spends many waking hours arguing with her brother.

Until one day, when a stranger walks into the restaurant looking for her.

Seemingly desperate to talk to her, he always disappears before Jena can find out who he is and what he wants. However, their paths cross again and again, and soon, Jena feels certain that she once knew the man who is desperately trying to remind her of something she seems to have forgotten.

Their love.

This, however, is only the beginning of a number of strange occurrences that change Jena’s life forever.

One morning, she wakes up and finds that four years have passed over night. How did this happen? And what does the elusive stranger have to do with it? Will Jena ever remember the man she loved? Or will she remain stuck in a reality not her own?





Trapped in Time

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