The Forgotten Wife

They married for love.
Now, he does not remember her.

William Everett, Earl of Harrington, cannot remember the past few years of his life.
One moment of carelessness destroyed everything and tied him to a woman he does not recognise. Her sad eyes follow him wherever he goes, always hopeful, and every day, he does not remember her, the pain resting in those gentle eyes grows and grows.
Guilt claims William’s heart. He knows he ought to love her. But how can he love someone he doesn’t even remember?

Catherine Everett, Countess of Harrington, is devastated.
After a riding accident, her husband looks at her and sees a stranger. Gone are the years they spent together. Gone is the love that always shone in his eyes.
In its place, she sees doubt and uncertainty.
Unwilling to share her life with a husband who once loved her but now only feels the ties of obligation, Catherine risks it all and agrees to her sister’s daring plan.

Will Catherine find a way to reclaim her husband’s heart? Or is a love once lost gone forever?




A Forbidden Love Novella Series (Regency Romance):

#1 The Wrong Brother

#2 A Brilliant Rose

#3 The Forgotten Wife

#4 An Unwelcome Proposal 

#5 Rules To Be Broken

#6 Hearts To Be Mended (Coming February 14, 2018!)