Butterflies – A Tale of Love and Friendship

Butterflies (#2 Heroes Next Door Trilogy)(#2 Heroes Next Door Trilogy)

After last summer’s treasure hunt, a new adventure lurks on the horizon. When Eddie accidentally stumbles on a group of seniors planning this year’s secret Halloween party, the five friends decide they must discover its location.

However, finding the location is only the beginning. Love infiltrates their little circle.

While Liam and Jordan enjoy the butterflies of their budding relationship, they crush the heart of another member of their group. Eventually not only Jack but also Eddie confide in Gabriel and share a secret that threaten to break the bonds of friendship. Bound to secrecy, Gabriel turns to the one person he feels can help…Hannah.

Although Gabriel lost the girl with the glowing eyes at the end of summer, he still finds himself talking to the little firefly. And Hannah answers.

Offering advice and encouragement, Hannah guides Gabriel through another trying time in his life. As he struggles with his friends’ secrets, Gabriel can’t help but wonder what they would think of his own. Would they think him crazy for speaking to a firefly? And even more so, for hearing her answer?

Now it is up to Gabriel to find a way through the maze of feelings that stand between his friends and a happily-ever-after.


Cover Images: Copyright: melpomen / 123RF Stock Photo